Susan Boyle versus Shaheen Jafargholi

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Already, people are comparing the kid Shaheen Jafargholi with elderly Susan Boyle in Britain’s got talent.

Shaheen Jafargholi wanted to enter Britain’s Got Talent to share his talent and his passion for music with the nation. With help from his mum, he’s prepared a performance to his, and his granddad’s favourite song – Valerie. Unfortunately, Simon’s not very impressed with the song selection.

But Shaheen, 12, emerged as a strong contender on Saturday after impressing the judges and changing his song to his version of Who’s Lovin’ You, the Motown song once sung by the young Michael Jackson.

The 47-year-old Scottish spinster remains the bookies’ favourite to win the ITV1 contest with tens of millions of fans around the world.

Some say Twitter was responsible for bringing Shaheen into the limelight.

After watching a clip of his performance on the internet, the Hollywood star Demi Moore posted a tweet declaring: “Wow this kid is something else!”

Similar praise from Moore, and her Ashton Kutcher, helped turn Boyle into an international celebrity just a week ago.

Although some people suspect that the song change with Shaheen may be a setup, it is without doubt that he has also gained his own set of fans like Susan did last week.

The public are still betting on Susan. Bookies give her a 4/5 chance of winning while Shaheen is placed at 1/4.

Susan Boyle won over the world in just one week and became the talk of the planet. Larry King interviewed her, Jay Leno dressed as her and Jimmy Fallon sent the whole thing up.

In one week, Susan’s perform clocked up more YouTube views than Obama’s winning speech. 35 million people has watched the Susan clip so far.

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