Pet Society Cheats and Scams

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This FLASH game Pet Society by Playfish had people addicted for hours.  Its market is mostly girls, from toddlers to the elderly, sucking in poor hapless fathers and boyfriends to play with their loved ones.

The peak was when hackers were enjoying and teaching some adventurous gamers how to cheat for more paw points and get more coins and clone items.

Best and pioneer hacker was from youtube user cyrus513 who invented the cloning method, and paw point hack.  This was soon too proliferated and Playfish patched everything by March 2009.

Cyrus used web scarab and cheat engine to intercept packets and edit them before they reached the playfish server.

Thus, there are no more cheats for Pet Society, only strategies.

To get more paw points and level up quickly, you can save coins and buy expensive items and pass it to your friends to and fro.

You can also get a lot of friends to join Pet Society and visit and hug and soap them all day.

This game takes up time!

There are even programmers that developed automatic scrubbers or soapers but this too has been patched.

Most devious are some blog articles or youtube videos saying that they have a cheat, but first, you would have to fill out your username and password and submit it to them.  DON’T DO THAT! That is called Phising, or fishing for your username and password.  They will just steal or mess with your account.

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  1. there are so many scams running on the internete so watch out;*~

  2. there are literally tons of scam on the internet today so watch out:~.

  3. there are always scam everywhere so we should always be very careful when dealing with others;”;