Download of Maricar Reyes part 3 out, is there a part 4?

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We told you that the alleged KC Hayden scandal video was “to see is to beleive”.

Now, fleshasiadaily has released the download link to what they say are Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho doing their thing, what should a pretty and innocent looking girl do now?

She doesn’t deserve this gradual release being done by some conniving person.  Why weren’t all the videos released in one shot?  Why are they released one by one so that the issue won’t die down?  Does this mean there’s more to come?  Well she certainly deserves our pity, as she’s not like that other slutty actress who got videotaped having sex anyway.

What could maricar reyes do now?

  • with her new found fame, she could “jack up” her price as a model and actress. two words: in demand.
  • set up a kama sutra type of seminar circuit, promoting erogenous how tos. a lot of fans will line up for this
  • certainly not go abroad and shy away (which i heard she did, did she?) well the damage has been done.
  • or what any sane normal person would do, lay low for a while and come back stronger!
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One Response to “Download of Maricar Reyes part 3 out, is there a part 4?”
  1. ang ganda talaga ni maricar, mestisa, matangkad at slim pa ang katawan.*`: