Fish a Fish facebook multiply items and money cheat

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Fish a Fish is a relatively new Flash fishing game on facebook.  This cheat is developed and made clearer from cmwong’s page.

For multiplying items, you need to download cheat engine, install fish a fish game for facebook.

(The formula works such that the number of item = N, or represented by N the search value is N*8+6)

This number is what you will input in the Value field (beside the hex checkbox) in Cheat Engine.

1.Open FAF, have some money from fishing first. A little will do.

2.Experiment with bait first.

3.Using the formula above, or the shortcut table below, for example you have 10 baits.

4.Go to the Equipment page where you can sell stuff, in this case, the bait.

5.Open CE, DO NOT CHECK HEX (this is not pet society or restaurant city where HEX is always checked).
Scan type: exact value
Value type: 4 bytes
A.S.R.O.M.: check (also scan read only memory)
then enter the value. IN our case, 10 baits formula = 86

6.Hit NEW SCAN button

7.Go back to equipment page.  Sell one bait, so you will have 9 left.

8. Again, using the formula for 9, 9 equals 78.

9.Input this 78 value in the value field (beside the unchecked hex)

10.Now hit NEXT SCAN.  That’s right, don’t hit NEW SCAN.

11.If you did it right, the left column should show only 1 address on left column below the word FOUND:(see picture below), double click it, add to bottom box, change it value to what you wish
(1000 items = 8006, 500 items = 4006)  Usually, you can put in value 7998 and 999 items will come out.

You can double click the lower column where it says value like in the picture above.  Value: 2, see? This is just an example.  So click where the number 2 is, and a box will appear.  You will now be able to enter a number value on how much your scanned item will be multiplied to. IN our case, we want 999 pieces of bait, so put in 7998 according to the formula.

Others items are done in the same method, whether it is fish, equipment, boats, etc.

a short guide of number to search:

Search Number
1 14
2 22
3 30
4 38
5 46
6 54
7 62
8 70
9 78
10 86
11 94
12 102
13 110
14 118
15 126
16 134
17 142
18 150

…….and so on.

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9 Responses to “Fish a Fish facebook multiply items and money cheat”
  1. Locke Cole says:

    It’s not working anymore after maintenance. 06/25/09

  2. whatever YAYA says:

    yes it`s not work… please post a video on youtube…. add me at facebook:

  3. marvin says:

    what flash version should we use?

  4. Tri Vinh says:

    will some1 please! make a new hack!

  5. Tri Vinh says:

    mail me if there is a new hack in facebook.

  6. playfun says:

    since the hack does not work any more has any got any tips?
    the 100 units stamina is so so annoying!!!

  7. helppls. says:

    when i scan 78 is nothing in the FONUD BOX
    pls help

  8. moracool says:

    Hello, Now does not work, anyone know of a new trick or hack for the game? =)

  9. H.E.L.P says:

    Come on! Write a new cheat hack!