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Loot Items bring Strength:

There are many loot items that have great strengths in attack and defense.  Where to find these loot items and to target them, helps you raise your strength numbers. Knowing what your strength numbers are and what will raise these numbers is the first step towards gaining strength in Mafia Wars. Ever wondered how to tell what your strength numbers in defense and attack are?

These are my strength numbers today:

501  (Number of Mafia Members I am taking to a fight.)
57,134  Attack (Number comes from a combined total of attack numbers of loot items that I take to a fight.)
54,6122  Defense (Number comes from a combined total of defense numbers on the loot items that I take to a fight.)

You can find these numbers on the fight screen when you attack someone, or at the top of the Inventory screens. Take a look at your numbers and don’t be discouraged if your numbers are low. This page is going to help you gain strength. Knowing the items and their numbers is the first step towards increasing your strength.

There is another way to increase your strength, which is to buy Attack and Defense numbers on your Profile page. When you are first starting out in Mafia Wars, using Profile points to buy Attack and Defense takes away from your Energy. Until you reach level 334 it is better to put Profile Points very sparingly into Attack and Defense. Use your loot to up your numbers until you reach level 334.

I have read articles both ways and seen people playing the game both ways. The choice arises do you put Profile points into energy or into Attack and Defense. If you wish to be strong right from the beginning, then put your Profile points into Attack and Defense. If you wish to level up quicker and gain more money, experience and all the bonuses that go with the levels, then put your Profile points into energy.

Gold Line

Top Loot items to take to a fight:


43 Attack – Ubijca Assault Rifle
42 Attack – TNT
42 Attack – Canonazo
40 Attack – Aguila HV .50 Sniper Rifle
36 Attack – ASC45
36 Attack – RU-78 Heavy Machine Gun


45 Attack – Shturmovik
34 Attack – Guerilla Squad
25 Attack – Armored Briefcase
21 Attack – PNV
20 Attack – Street Gang Members


43 Attack – Zoloto Sports Car
37 Attack – Track Loader
36 Attack – Hu-9 Helicopter
36 Attack – Shchuka Speed Boat
32 Attack – Severnyy Olen Snowbike
31 Attack – SI-Cargo Planes TOP ITEMS for DEFENSE

TOP ITEMS for Defense

44 Defense – Zmeya Carbon Blade
35 Defense – Gaff Hooks
28 Defense – Cane Knife
28 Defense – Ballistic Knife
26 Defense – Molotok Pistol
24 Defense – RU-38 Pistol


45 Defense – Executive Overcoat
36 Defense – Armored Briefcase
34 Defense – Camo Body Armor
31 Defense – PNV
30 Defense – Falsified Documents
30 Defense – Guerilla Squad


44 Defense – Konstantin Cargo Carrier
42 Defense – Armored State Car
40 Defense – Orel Armored Helicopter
39 Defense – Private Jet
37 Defense – Armored Limousine

Gold Line

Tips for successful consumables looting:

Before Level 70: Use Enforcer tier “Rob an Electronics Store” only to loot Computer Set-ups.

After Level 70: Loot Untraceable Cell Phones and Concealable Cameras in Moscow. In Moscow, the jobs pay out one consumable instead of 3 different consumables like in Rob An Electontronics store.

At start don’t try to finalize Cuba Business “Bribery Ring”. Just increase stock size to ten but leave Politico Corrupto production to two. This way you have 15 per hour safe border and you don’t loose any Politico Corruptos. Finish this job last in Cuba for the best results.

To get enough consumables for Moscow jobs just do those jobs that drop Moscow consumables. Difference is only couple consumables and consumables jobs have best Rubles Energy point ratio and pay out in Rubles which you need to finish Moscow.

Gold Line

Mafia Wars Loot Totals Consumed to play the game:

160 x Liquor (L)
320 x Tokens (T)
320 x Cards
94 x Wiretap Device (WD)
29 + 40 (Vory) x Concealable Camera (CC) (+ what you need to get enough Blackmail Photos)
263 x Computer Set-up (CSU)
412 + 79 (Mafiya) x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)
403 x Blackmail Photos (BMP)
424 x Illegal Transaction Records (ITR)
1182 x Politico Corrupto (PC)
40 x Dossier on Dmitri (DD)
45 x Set of Photos of Karpov (SPK)
52 x Bank Guard Uniform (BGU)
62 x Officer Corps Paycheck (OCP)
109 x Stick of Dynamite (SD)
184 x Mansion Details (MD)

Gold Line

New York

Enforcer Tier:

Liquor Smuggling (20 x L)
Run Illegal Poker Game (20 x T, 20 x C)
Wiretap the Cops (WD)
Level 1: 100 x L, 100 x T, 100 x C, 5 x WD
Level 2: 100 x L, 100 x T, 100 x C, 5 x WD
Level 3: 120 x L, 120 x T, 120 x C, 6 x WD
Totals: 160 x Liquor (L), 320 x Tokens (T), 320 x Cards, 16 x Wiretap Device (WD)

Hitman Tier:

Obtain Compromising Photos (CC)
Frame a Rival Capo (2 x WD)
Level 1: 9 x CC, 22 x WD
Level 2: 10 x CC, 26 x WD
Level 3: 10 x CC, 30 x WD
Totals: 29 x Concealable Camera (CC), 78 x Wiretap Device (WD)
(You need additional Concealable Cameras to loot enough Blackmail Photos)

Capo Tier:

Flip a Snitch (UCP)
Dodge an FBI Tail (UCP)
Level 1: 22 x UCP
Level 2: 37 x UCP
Level 3: 45 x UCP
Totals: 104 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)

Cosigliere Tier:

Influence a Harbor Official (BMP)
Ransom a Businessman’s Kids (UCP)
Fix the Big Game (ITR)
Level 1: 10 x BMP, 10 x UCP, 15 x ITR
Level 2: 12 x BMP, 12 x UCP, 17 x ITR
Level 3: 13 x BMP, 13 x UCP, 20 x ITR
Totals: 35 x Blackmail Photos (BMP), 35 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP), 52 x Illegal Transaction Records (ITR)

Underboss Tier:

Extort a Corrupt Judge (ITR)
Embezzle Funds Through a Phony Company (ITR, CSU)
Order a Hit on a Public Official (UCP)
Take Over an Identity Theft Ring (CSU)
Level 2: 75 x ITR, 75 x CSU, 50 x UCP
Level 3: 134 x ITR, 134 x CSU, 100 x UCP
Totals: 263 x Illegal Transaction Records (ITR), 263 x Computer Set-up (CSU), 184 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)

Boss Tier:

Buy Off a Federal Agent (BMP)
Blackmail the District Attorney (BMP), Shake Down a City Council Member (ITR)
Level 1: 68 x BMP, 25 x ITR
Level 2: 100 x BMP, 34 x ITR
Level 3: 200 x BMP, 50 x ITR
Totals: 368 x Blackmail Photos (BMP), 109 x Illegal Transaction Records (ITR)

NY totals:

160 x Liquor (L)
320 x Tokens (T)
320 x Cards
94 x Wiretap Device (WD)
29 x Concealable Camera (CC) (Plus what you need to get enough Blackmail Photos)
263 x Computer Set-up (CSU)
333 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)
403 x Blackmail Photos

NY Bonuses for finishing Each Job

When you finish each of the Tiers in NY you are given a bonus. This list has all the bonuses you can get as you finish NY:

  • Street Thug: Pistol Bayonet = +4% damage dealt in fights
  • Associate: Bugatti = -7% damage received in fights
  • Soldier: Golden Skull = a 30 second reduction on your health regeneration timer
  • Enforcer: Money Plate = a 5% discount on property purchases
  • Hitman: Chainsaw Bayonet = a 30 second reduction on your stamina regeneration timer
  • Capo: State Senator = a 5% discount on property repairs
  • Consigliere: Helicopter = a 30 second reduction on your energy regeneration timer
  • Underboss: Private Island = a 5% bonus on job experience
  • Boss: Golden Throne = 2x the energy regenerated per regeneration perio

Gold Line


El Jefe Tier:

Bring The Local Teamsters Under Your Control (PC)
Level 1: 13 x PC
Level 2: 15 x PC
Level 3: 17 x PC
Total: 45 x Politico Corrupto (PC)

El Patron Tier:

Establish A Loansharking Business (3 x PC)
Level 1: 36 x PC
Level 2: 39 x PC
Level 3: 45 x PC
Totals: 120 x Politico Corrupto (PC)

El Padrino Tier:

Set Up A High Volume Smuggling Operation (5 x PC)
Level 1: 45 x PC
Level 2: 50 x PC
Level 3: 50 x PC
Totals: 145 x Politico Corrupto (PC)

El Cacique Tier:

Help Get An Associate A No Bid Contract (8 x PC), Meet With “The Russian” (UCP)
Level 1: 200 x PC, 20 x UCP
Level 2: 272 x PC, 25 x UCP
Level 3: 400 x PC, 34 x UCP
Totals: 872 x Politico Corrupto (PC), 79 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)

Cuba totals:

1182 x Politico Corrupto (PC)
79 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)

Gold Line


Episode 1 (Baklany):
Hospitalize Some Nationalists (DD)
Level 1: 12 x DD
Level 2: 13 x DD
Level 3: 15 x DD
Total: 40 x Dossier on Dmitri (DD)

Episode 2 (Boets):
Catch Karpov Accepting A Bribe (CC [Vory]), Circulate Damaging Photos (SPK)
Level 1: 12 x CC (Vory), 13 x SPK
Level 2: 13 x CC (Vory), 15 x SPK
Level 3: 15 x CC (Vory), 17 x SPK
Totals: 40 x Concealable Camera (CC), 45 x Set of Photos of Karpov (SPK)
(You need Concealable Cameras only if you are going to loot Set of Photos of Karpov with Vory)

Episode 3 (Brigadir):
Replace A Guard With Your Own Man (BGU)
Level 1: 15 x BGU
Level 2: 17 x BGU
Level 3: 20 x BGU
Totals: 52 x Bank Guard Uniform (BGU)

Episode 4 (Avtoritet):
Arrange The Sale Of Weapons-Grade Explosives (UCP [Mafiya])
Buy Off The General’s Command Team (OCP)
Level 1: 20 x UCP (Mafiya), 17 x OCP
Level 2: 25 x UCP (Mafiya), 20 x OCP
Level 3: 34 x UCP (Mafiya), 25 x OCP
Total: 79 x Untraceable Cell Phones (UCP), 62 x Officer Corps Paycheck (OCP)
(You need Untraceable Cell Phones only if you are going to loot The Orel Armored Helicopter with Mafiya)

Episode 5 (Vor):
Start An Avalanche Above The Terrorist Camp (SD)
Level 1: 25 x SD
Level 2: 34 x SD
Level 3: 50 x SD
Total: 109 x Stick of Dynamite (SD)

Episode 6 (Pakhan):
Assault The Mansion Walls (MD)
Level 1: 34 x MD
Level 2: 50 x MD
Level 3: 100 x MD
Total: 184 x MD

Moscow totals:

40 x Dossier on Dmitri (DD)
45 x Set of Photos of Karpov (SPK)
52 x Bank Guard Uniform (BGU)
62 x Officer Corps Paycheck (OCP)
109 x Stick of Dynamite (SD)
184 x Mansion Details
79 x Untraceable Cell Phone (UCP)
40 x Concealable Camera (CC)

Gold Line

New York – Loot

These are lists of what job has what loot drop in NY, Cuba and Moscow.

Street Thug Level

  • Beat Up Rival Gangster – .22 Pistol
  • Rob a Pimp – 9mm semi automatic

Associate Level

  • Collect Protection Money – Butterfly Knife
  • Rough Up Dealers – Brass Knuckles
  • Take Out a Rogue Cop – .45 Revolver
  • Perform a Hit – Tactical Shotgun

Soldier Level

  • Destroy Enemy Mob Hideout – C4
  • Kill a Protected Snitch – Stab Proof vest
  • Bust a Made Man Out of Prison – Automatic Rifle
  • Fight a Haitian Gang – Semi Automatic Shotgun
  • Clip the Irish Mob’s Local Enforcer – Lucky Shamrock Medallion
  • Steal a Tanker Truck – Firebomb

Enforcer Tier

  • Smuggle Across the Border – Armored Truck
  • Rob an Electronics Store – Concealable Camera, Computer Set-up, Untraceable Cell phone

Hitman Tier

  • Repel the Yakuza – Grenade Launcher
  • Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring – .50 Caliber Rifle
  • Invade Tong-controlled Neighborhood – Armored Car
  • Sell Guns to the Russian Mob – RPG Launcher
  • Protect your City against a Rival Family – Bodygaurds
  • Assassinate a Political Figure – Night Vision Goggles
  • Exterminate a Rival Family – Naplam
  • Obtain Compromising Photos – Blackmail Photos

Capo Tier

  • Steal an Air Freight Delivery – Prop Plane
  • Run a Biker Gang Out of Town – Chopper
  • Steal Bank Records – Illegal Transaction Records

Consigliere Tier

  • Influence a Harbor Official – Luxury Yacht
  • Ransom a Businessman’s Kids – GX9
  • Fix the Big Game – Bookie’s Holdout Pistol

Underboss Tier

  • Break Into the Armory – Multi Purpose Truck
  • Rip Off the Armenian Mob – BA-12 Assault Rifle
  • Take Over an Identity Theft Ring – Falsified Documents

Boss Tier

  • Buy Off a Federal Agent – Federal Agent
  • Make a Deal with the Mexican Cartel – Private Jet
  • Blackmail the District Attorney – Police Cruiser
  • Shake Down a City Council Member – Armored Limousines

Cuba – Loot

(Cuba has good loot; good strategy is to go to Cuba and finish Cuba before you finish New York.  You will make yourself stronger, faster.)

El Soldado Tier

  • Intimidate The Locals – Street Gang Member
  • Smuggle In Some Supplies – Garza 9
  • Establish Contact With The FRG
  • Establish Contact With The FRG – RA-92
  • Assault A Snitch’s Hideout – Mara Serpiente

El Capitin Tier

  • Transport A Shipment of US Arms – M16A1
  • Meet With The FRG Leadership – Camouflage Body Armor
  • Ambush A Military Patrol – Chucko FAV
  • Capture An Army Outpost – Ru-38 Pistol
  • Ransack A Local Plantation – Cane Knife
  • Burn Down A Hacienda – Ocelot Armored Truck

El Jefe Tier

  • Shake Down A Hotel Owner – Montaine 320
  • Help The FRG Steal A Truckload Of Weapons – Para 322
  • Pillage A Shipyard – Gaff Hook
  • Take Over The Docks – Cigarette boat

El Patron Tier

  • Pass On Some Intel To The FRG – ASC 45
  • Sink A Competing Smuggler’s Ship – Mini Sub
  • Assassinate An Opposing Consigliere – Aguila HV .50 Sniper Rifle

El Padrino Tier

  • Raid The Arms Depot – TNT
  • Supply The FRG With Some Extra Muscle – Guerrilla Squad
  • Capture The Airport – Si 14 Cargo Plane
  • Attack The Army Command Post – Hu 9 Helicopter
  • Storm The Presidential Palace – Armored State Car

El Cacique Tier

  • Loot The National Museum – Canonazo
  • Take Over The Havana Reconstruction – Track Loader

Moscow – Loot

(Good strategy is to go finish Moscow once you reach level 70, Moscow has the best loot available currently.)

Baklany Tier

  • Hijack An Arms Shipment From A Militant Gang – RU-7 .45 Pistol
  • Collect The Ransom – Cherepakha Compact
  • Receive Vory Intel On Dmitri – Dossier on Dimitri
  • Smuggle Consumer Electronics for the Vory – Concealable Camera
  • Arrange A Drug Shipment for the Mafiya – Untraceable Cell Phone

Boets Tier

  • Re-route An Equipment Shipment – PNV
  • Extract A Favor From The Winner – Severnyy Olen Snowmobike
  • Catch Karpov Accepting A Bribe – Set of Photos of Karpov
  • Silence A Political Critic – Ballistic Knife


  • Steal The Bank President’s Car Keys – Volk Luxury Sedan
  • Strip A Uniform Off The Corpse – Bank Guard Uniform
  • Map Out The Escape Route – Armoured Breifcase
  • Dispose Of A RossijaBanc Exec At Sea – Shchuka Speed Boat
  • Use The Guard’s Keys To Access the Bank Armory – Taiga Combat Shotgun
  • “Borrow” The Guard’s Uniform After Releasing Him – Bank Gaurd Uniform


  • Transport Some Stolen Military Hardware -Razoritel Grenade Launcher
  • Rob A Troop Convoy – Shturmovik
  • Intercept The Base’s Pay Shipment – Officer Corps Paycheck
  • Support The Habit Of A Procurement Officer – RU-78 Heavy Machine Gun


  • Look For The Boss’ Mountain Hideout – Osa 17 Snowmobile
  • Help “Plan” The Next Attack – Ubijca Assault Rifle
  • Sabotage The Plan From The Inside – Stick of Dynomite
  • Discover Who Was Responsible – Arkticheskij Gus’


  • Acquire Classified Files On Crime Syndicates – Executive Overcoat
  • Threaten A Mafiya Moneyman’s Family – Mansion Details
  • Hijack A Mafiya Cargo – Konstantin Cargo Carrier
  • Ship Black-Market Caviar To London – Zoloto Sports Car

Gold Line

Loot Numbers for the Thanksgiving Food Fight Loot

Lucky wishbone: 16 attack/ 36 defense
Cooked Goose: 15/27,
Mashed Potatoes: 24/21,
Pea Shooter: 26/12
Stuffed Turkey: 19/25
Gravy boat: 40/24

Public Enemy Loot Numbers

Agent Purvis’ Rifle – 44/29
Dillinger’s Pistol and Holster – 36/18
Dillinger’s Wooden Gun – 12/45
Fur Coat – 12/28
Locket of Billie – 10/36
Prison Stripes – 15/24
Public Enemy No. 1 Newspaper – 6/30
V8 – 13/26

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