Ruffa Gutierrez walked out of The Buzz due to Kris Aquino

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During March 7’s episode of the Buzz, Ruffa Gutierrez walked out of the show after Kris Aquino’s comments regarding Ruffa’s transfer to another network. According to Ruffa’s mother, Annabelle Rama, Ruffa was deeply hurt by Kris’ comments and was crying in her dressing room. Annabelle then told Ruffa to leave the show and even went on to be interviewed by rival network, GMA’s Showbiz central. Annabelle also urged the public not to vote for Noynoy Aquino. At this point, you might just wonder what their ulterior motives are and how much were they paid to pull off this stunt. While I do agree that sometimes Kris butts in while Ruffa talks, Annabelle should not have dragged Noynoy into the issue.

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5 Responses to “Ruffa Gutierrez walked out of The Buzz due to Kris Aquino”
  1. ojik says:

    There was nothing wrong with Kris’ statement on the Buzz. It was nothing out of the ordinary. As I’ve always watched the show and they’ve always talked that way. May be Ruffa just got so emotional because of the fact that she’s leaving the show. Or perhaps leaving the show is against her will, hence the negative reaction on Kris’ statement? The statement form Kris wasn’t really “off” as it is called. Maybe the reason why she really walked out is the fact that she wanted to cry because she’s saddened by the fact that she’s leaving the show and not because of Kris’ statement. Looks to me like Kris became the scapegoat. Then Annbelle Rama expressing harsh comments in order to explode the issue..and then, of course, become the talk of the town making her daughter leave the show with a “bang”. And of course, people will get curious about what will happen to Ruffa next..and so people will, or maybe watch her show in Channel 5. Talk about publicity huh! Who watches channel 5 anyway? Oh well, at least they got people talkin’ bout them now.

  2. bullfighter says:

    Ruffa Gutierrez – Bane or Boon, Beauty or Beast, Martyr, Apostate or Mistress, Sinner or Saint? Take your pick guys, but I’m sure your guess is as good as mine. By the way, I don’t go for beauties without breeding & substance, especially those whose mothers are used as dummies to absorb criticisms so typical of politicians who will use layers of men, women & situations to confuse the populace & hence cover their dubious acts better known as excesses, abuses, lies & deceit & thus further their treacherous motives, evil designs & hidden agenda against a person, institution, country or population.
    You must have seen “The Buzz” episode or at least “The Video” footage by now from the same TV program that supposedly triggered the walk-out of Ruffa G. which has been blatantly publicized by the Gutierrez family at the expense of Kris Aquino due to one, two or all of the following reasons:
    (1) A devious motive to elicit sympathy for Ruffa who’s leaving The Buzz & ABS-CBN in favor of another TV Channel at the expense of a better & brighter (literally & figuratively) TV Host, endorser, friend, wife, mother & person all rolled into one in Kris Aquino
    (2) A devious scheme, as a consequence of the first deception above, to elicit publicity mileage for free for a purported new show at her newfound TV Station, crying & dying to drumbeat the show which Ruffa hosts in tandem with another dubious TV entertainment PESOnality or personality for free or Ruffa’s transfer would have offered her showbiz career its resting or burial place
    (3) A devious tactic to switch political side positioned at the other end or opposite end of the moral & political spectrum without really trying, from Noynoy Aquino to Manny Villar at the expense of Kris & Noynoy Aquino, like a fish thrown into water or better still, like garbage thrown into the trash can or waste basket by having an excuse, a very good excuse in again, the brighter, bigger & better showbiz dignitary, the Multimedia Queen, Ms. Kris Aquino-Yap!
    Video aside, Kris is frank, sometimes, brutally frank in fact. But just as she knows when to start, she knows better when to stop & how! “The Buzz” video at hand would have done justice to this remark, a living testament in fact. Others call her tactless & brutally frank; I perceive Kris to be intelligent, transparent, very compassionate, honest & truly fair & sincere with her words & comments, regardless of whichever or whoever is or are the subject/s.
    On top of all these, Kris Aquino, throughout her years of supremacy in showbiz – as far as hosting, endorsements, recordings or the movies are concerned, has never run berserk or riot into using her stellar status to orchestrate a dubious, shrewd or evil machinations & designs at any of her peers just to merit dominion or superstardom or get ahead of others in the industry, not in a manner so typically put to task effortlessly by the mother & daughter tandem of Ruffa Gutierrez & Annabelle Rama as evidenced by “The Buzz” hullabaloo. And they’re human beings, not monsters yet!

  3. Tech Maiden says:

    I certainly can’t find anything wrong about what Kris Aqunio said. What I can see is a friend who is trying to remind Ruffa that nonetheless, Ruffa should still remember how happy it is to be part of the show. I also feel that Ruffa does know better, and probably without her mother’s bad-mouthing towards Kris, she would’ve not reacted that way. I can still see Ruffa’s level-headedness in every discussion such as in that episode she did mention “Dahil siguro, with all the gulo, not super chikka chikka like before (Because maybe, after all the squabbles, chit-chats have grown limited unlike before), but everyone’s civil to each other. Like I said, umiikot lang naman ang mundo sa show business. Today magkaaway kayo then tomorrow bestfriends kayo. (Like I said, the world in show business just goes in circle. Today you’re enemies then tomorrow you’re best of friends.”

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  4. jecko123 says:

    the comments are all so true…i don’t think we need to sensationalize the issue..coz in the first place there is no issue… or if there is’s between the two of them (ruffa and kris)…if ruffa wasn’t that comfortable working with kris..why did it take her that long(3 years) to wait…gimik lang siguro…paramapag-usapan ang paglipat nya… honestly…mahihirapan talaga si ruffa to surpass the ‘buzz’with her new show!

  5. loko says:

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