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only here at, the latest in entertainment. updated october 18, 2010, latest cartown templates and skins, also our page 2 of templates and skins, plus what you will get when you level up here.



You can download the skin and use it yourself from here:n



First design:

Second design:

Third design:

Fourth design:
(Doodle Bug)

(Floral Fire)

Here is a new one for the pinto.

Not perfect, but its a nice design.

Beware a NYPD car is now on the streets.

SWAT Car (Made this while in the car)

my first template attempt ~ 2007 chevy silverado….

*update* i think i finally got it… will someone try this out & let me know if it fits right? it looked good to me, but i’d like to get another opinion k? thanks

For the Steelers/Troy Polamalu fans….my first try (honda accord) Put on white car…

Ford Mustang SVT Racing Edition


Toyota Yaris TRD CF Edition


Made this Castrol livery for the corolla its not a replica.
The templates seems to be all crap, so some stuff are off.. but better than nothing so enjoy!.


For all the NHL San Jose Sharks fans out there!

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  1. ford gt says:

    how to template?

  2. hubert says:


  3. pen15 says:

    yer earl dik wank poo fught

  4. harry says:

    can someone make a very cool disgin for a ’09 toyota corolla XRS plzzzz

  5. michel rise says:

    Ford Fusion is getting a lot of respect. It’s hybrid version is North America car of the year and the full Fusion line is Motor Trend’s car of the year. With Toyota’s reputation and resale value taking a beating, this will shine some light on Ford, GM, & Hyundai’s new products. Pretty soon the Accord and Altima will be fighting off the Sonata for sales.

  6. harry says:

    so can u make one for me then plz

  7. Ryan says:

    Cool! Thanks a lot! πŸ˜€

  8. Rick says:

    Ilove the looks of flames on the cars and trucks.

  9. Rick says:

    I love anything with flames if posable thanks.

  10. harry says:

    can someone make a ’09 toyota or a toyota yaras disgin for me plzz

  11. ford fusion says:

    can anybody plsssss make a ford fusion template i would really appreciate it πŸ™‚

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    can u please do a template of skyline?

  15. steve says:

    how do i do this can u help me
    what do i need 2 make my car look hot

  16. meatloaf says:

    are there more pages?

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  21. tavz says:

    please kindly help me how to create my own template for my cars,.. what application to use?,.. tnx!!!^^

  22. yipguseng says:

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