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only here at, don’t miss the latest in entertainment. updated october 18, 2010, latest cartown templates and skins, also our page 1 of templates and skins, plus what you will get when you level up here.

Templates with guidelines for doors, windows, hoods, from cartownforum

1957 Chevy Bel Air

1969 Chevy Camaro

2010 Chevy Camaro
for example, the camaro template looks like that one above. so you can easily develop on the lines using photoshop

Milk/Ice Cream Truck

1992 Nissan 240SX Hatchback (stock bumper)

Taco Truck

2005 Ford Mustang GT (stock bumper)

1969 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Jaws inspire 2010 Chevy Camero.

Right click on template preview to save,I also attached the file…Enjoy!

2010 Chevy Camaro .jpg (9.1 KB, 2 views)

BumbleBee Camaro

Based on the TF2 Version Bumblebee:

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20 Responses to “new cartown templates, directions, instructions, skins”
  1. cardo says:

    can u make a red bull 2010 camaro template

  2. odette says:

    can also please make a templates for 2006 viper srt10, 2007 honda crv and 2005 ford mustang GT?

  3. Cartownskins says:

    nice skins , we are trying to form a good developer groop on facebook where we can post skins/templates ideas and share , i was just wondering if you were interested

  4. arvin says:

    can also please make a templates for 11 honda acord

  5. ford fusion says:

    hey guys can u help me out
    i don’t know how to add templates or to download em
    please help me out thank u

  6. arniff says:

    I just got Car Town Points for FREE!! Download at >> <<

  7. mikee camille o calubayan says:

    please download a templates of car town

  8. pork man says:

    can u make a cooler templates for 1992 Nissan 240SX Hatchback please.. then send it to my email…

  9. farhan says:

    w lg nyari template Taco Truck ni

  10. johnred says:

    **NEW** I just got 264 Car Town Points for FREE!! **NEW**

    ** **

  11. chevrolet says:

    that is not allowed copyright requiered

  12. chevrolet says:

    kaung lhat Gago kau putang ina nyo puki ng tatay nyo Gaggo kang GM sa car town kahit i van nyo ako fck u ka

  13. bob says:

    what program is best to edit the templets

  14. sean says:

    make a skin with ferari brand on it and make the car have red background and white lines from front to back.
    add me on

  15. can you please make a template for vw beetle (herbie template)?

  16. wensten says:

    there is a heribe templeat for vw