50 days Before Christmas! Top Five Shopping Tips

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Top Five Christmas Shopping Tips

1. Take advantage of 0% installment or deferred payment plans.  For most malls or department stores, a single receipt of 3,000 would qualify for a 6 months installment payment at 0% interest.  Quite a bargain considering the cash outlays we have to allocate for food, parties, vacation expenses.

2. Go to bargain centers like  Divisoria Mall, 168, Meisic, etc.  If you are buying in bulk, these are the places to be.  An item selling for P300 can go down to P100 if you are patient enough to do the haggling and canvassing.  Prices quoted by the stalls vary too much so its best to get estimates from the different stalls.

3. Online Shopping. To save on gas, parking and time, do your shopping online.  Some sites also offer discounts when buying in bulk.  Items can be picked up, delivered thru couriers or exchanged during meet ups.

4. Recycle Gifts.  Save mother Earth.  Give away gifts that are unused, brand new, and preferrably with tags.  Helps reduce the clutter in your closets too.

5. Food.  For those friends and relatives who are hard-to-buy-gifts-for or for those who are too-rich-and-have-everything, gifts like cookies, fruit cakes, fruit baskets, cakes, wines, etc are better alternatives.

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