Save Mother Earth this Christmas.. give Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

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Every year, I try to stick to a theme of gifts so I can remember what I gave and it makes buying a lot easier.  Some years ago, it was towels and bathroom accessories and last year, it was cups and kitchenware.  My theme for this year is “ECO-FRIENDLY”.   My gift wrapping will also be eco-friendly,  I won’t be buying christmas wrappers this year.  I will just recycle gifts bags, shopping bags, glossy magazine pages as gift wrappers/holders.   Some gifts that are eco friendly include:

1.  Eco-bags – for female friends and relatives.  Envirosax and Rootote are the “branded” versions but there are a lot of cheaper alternatives in tiangges and 168.  There’s a wide array of designs and sizes.  Prices range from P50 to P100.

2. Wooden Toys – for kids 3 to 8 years old.  Puzzles, building blocks and other types can be found in most toy stores around the metro.

3.  Solar keychains, flashlights, etc. – no more batteries.

4. Organic shampoos, lotions, and other hair and bodycare items.

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