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Yes, the wii can help you lose weight, but how much enjoyment can you get out of it?  I’m beginning to think it’s for kids because of the cartoony avatars.  Thank God for our kid who makes use of the wii with me.  Now comes the PS3 move, the wii killer.  I recently purchased sports champion, the wii equivalent of wii sports, and boy was I sweating after finishing just the bronze cup for gladiators! Even under airconditioning!

A person in mygaming forum did this experiment: He strapped on his Polar heart-rate monitor FT80 and started up a game of Gladiator (part of Sports Champions) on the PS3. After about 20 minutes worth of play, he finally beat the gold cup and saw that he had burned 300 KiloCalories in 20 minutes!

Another person elsewhere played The Fight: Lights out, and monitored his calorie loss at 3200.  If you jog a mile, it burns 120 calories.  3200/120 = 26.66.  That’s about a marathon!

Elsewhere, the same game made a guy lose 1,000 calories in about 3 hours on the same The Fight game for the Ps3 move.

So how does the Fight track Calorie loss?

The game starts off by working out your BMI with height and weight measurements.  The game can detect how much force you are putting into a punch so it’ll probably calculate that with how many punches you throw and base that on your body size and weight.  It knows the joules of your punches (a measurement of energy expended which is equivalent to one newton (which is a measurement of force, it gets this data from the sensors in the Move controller) applied to one meter) which it can then convert into calories (which is another unit of measurement for energy).

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