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Emily Blunt PictureName: Emily Blunt
Full name: Emily Olivia L. Blunt
Sex: Female
Height: 5′ 8″ / 172cm
Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 23/02/1983
Place of Birth: London, England
Profession: Actress

  • Brother: Sebastian Blunt. Younger
  • Father: Oliver Blunt.
  • Grandfather: Peter Blunt.
  • Mother: Joanna Blunt. Teaches English as a foreign language
  • Sister: Felicity Blunt.
  • Sister: Susannah Blunt. Younger
  • Uncle: Crispin Blunt.

Significant Others
  • Companion: Michael Buble.
  • Husband: John Krasinski. Began dating in November 2008; announced engagement in August 2009; married July 10, 2010 in Lake Como, Italy

This hot babe from the Matt Damon movie Adjustment Bureau who plays Elise is known as Emily Blunt.  She is a British actress best known for her roles in My Summer of Love (2004) and The Devil Wears Prada (2006). She was born Emily Olivia L. Blunt on February 23, 1983, in Roehampton, South West London, England, the second of four children in the family of a teacher mother and barrister father. She received a rigorous education at Ibstock Place School, a co-ed private school at Roehampton. However, young Emily Blunt had a stammer, since she was a kid of 8. Her mother took her to relaxation classes, which did not do anything. She reached a turning point at 12, when a teacher cleverly asked her to play a character with a different voice and said, “I really believe in you.” Blunt ended up using a northern accent, and it did the trick, her stammer disappeared.From 1999 – 2001 Blunt went to Hurtwood House, the top co-ed boarding school where she would excel at sport, cello and singing.
She also had two years of drama studies at Hurtwood’s theatre course. In August 2000, she was chosen to perform at the Edinburgh Festival. She was signed up by agent, Ken McReddie, who led her to the West End and the BBC, scoring her roles in several period dramas on stage as well as on TV productions, such as ‘Foyle’s War’, ‘Henry VIII’, ‘and ‘Empire’. In 2001 she appeared as Gwen Cavendish opposite Dame Judi Dench in Sir Peter Hall’s production of “The Royal Family” at Haymarket Theatre. For that role she won the Evening Standard Award for Best Newcomer. In 2002 she played Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet” at the prestigious Chichester Festival.Blunt’s career ascended to international fame after she starred as Isolda opposite Alex Kingston in Boudica (2003) TV series. A year later she won critical acclaim for her breakout performance as Tamsin, a well-educated, cynical and deceptive 16-year-old beauty in My Summer of Love (2004), a story of two lonely girls from the opposite ends of the social heap. Emily Blunt and her co-star Nathalie Press shared an Evening Standard British Film award for Most Promising Newcomer. In 2005 she spent a few months in Australia filming Irresistible (2006) with Susan Sarandon and Sam Neill. Blunt gave an impressive performance as Mara, a cunning young destroyer who acts crazy and surreptitiously provokes paranoia in others. She also continued her work on British television, starring as Natasha in Stephen Poliakoff’s Gideon’s Daughter (2005) (TV) opposite Bill Nighy, a role that won her a 2007 Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role.She continued the line of playing manipulative characters as Emily, a caustic put-upon assistant to Miranda, Meryl Streep’s lead in The Devil Wears Prada (2006). Blunt’s performance with a neurotic twist added a dimension of sarcasm to the comedy, and gained her much attention as well as new jobs; she is billed in two dramas opposite Tom Hanks. Blunt is also billed in the title role in the period drama The Young Victoria (2009).Emily Blunt is a highly versatile actress and a multifaceted person. Her talents include singing and playing cello; she is also skilled at horseback riding. She has been in a relationship with Canadian jazz singer and actor Michael Bublé, since the two met backstage after one of his concerts in Australia, in 2005. Emily Blunt divides her time between her two residences, one is her parents home in London, and one is her new home in Vancouver, Canada.

In 2006, British actress Emily Blunt was a virtual unknown on American movie screens when she managed to steal every scene from veteran thespians Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci in the hit comedy, “The Devil Wears Prada.” Her over-the-top performance as Streep’s high-strung assistant catapulted her into the international spotlight, steering her career away from prior British period television pieces and towards memorable supporting roles in “The Jane Austen Book Club” (2007) and the Steve Carell comedy, “Dan in Real Life” (2007). The breadth of Blunt’s versatility coupled with her love of unusual, unhinged characters was solidified with starring roles as a crime scene cleaner in “Sunshine Cleaning” (2009) and as Queen Victoria in “Young Victoria” (2009), after which international filmmakers raced to book this fearless new face with impeccable comic timing.

Blunt made her foray into television with the U.K. series “Boudica” (2003), playing warrior queen Alex Kingston’s daughter. The series was later broadcast on PBS in the United States. More television roles in period dramas followed, including playing Catherine Howard – fifth wife of Henry VIII – opposite Ray Winstone in “Henry VIII” (2003, Granada Television), and a spoiled socialite who meets an unpleasant fate in the Agatha Christie thriller, “Death on the Nile” (A&E, 2004). She made a big impression shortly thereafter in the independent feature “My Summer of Love” (2004), in which she was a manipulative young woman who becomes involved with a former prison inmate (Paddy Considine). The BAFTA-winning film shone the spotlight brightly onto Blunt, leading to the inevitable shift toward more substantial roles in larger productions. She played a vestal virgin with psychic abilities in the overripe historical miniseries “Empire” (ABC, 2005), and gained more positive reviews when she starred opposite Susan Sarandon and Sam Neill in the Australian film, “Irresistible” (2005), in which she played a young woman whom Sarandon believes is attempting to seduce her husband.

Blunt returned to BBC TV in 2005 and earned a Golden Globe win for her meaty role as a teen with a troubled parental relationship in “Gideon’s Daughter,” again holding her own in the company of respected veteran players like Bill Nighy and Miranda Richardson. Meanwhile, “The Devil Wears Prada” marked Blunt’s Hollywood debut, and her turn as Emily, who alternately fears and worships Meryl Streep’s steely boss while making life miserable for her new co-worker (Anne Hathaway), garnered much positive press for the film; some critics even singled her out as the best character in the movie. Blunt had been working steadily for several years prior to her breakout with “Devil,” but the energetic young actress soon enjoyed the luxury of having a much larger, broader range of offers to pick from. Her almost cartoonish role in “Prada” notwithstanding, she displayed a preference for character roles that were more realistic and richly layered, like the socially awkward teacher Prudie in “The Jane Austen Book Club” (2007).

Blunt maintained her dead-on American accent throughout the rest of 2007, with the relative newcomer again thrown into the ring with great actors like John Malkovich in “The Great Buck Howard” and Tom Hanks in “Charlie Wilson’s War.” In the former, she played a magician’s publicist, while in the latter she gave a married man a tongue bath. She also starred in the horror film “The Chill” (2007) and had a small role in the well-received Steve Carell comedy, “Dan in Real Life” (2007). Off-screen, Blunt’s romantic relationship with popular jazz vocalist Michael Bublé landed her in the gossip pages, and the actress even made a guest vocal appearance on his 2007 album, Call Me Irresponsible. However, the couple split in 2008 after three years together. Not long after, she began dating “The Office” (NBC, 2005- ) star, John Krasinski, to whom she became engaged in August 2009. The two married less than a year later in Lake Como, Italy.

Blunt’s own career continued to blossom with several more film releases, including a starring role in “Young Victoria” (2009), a British costume drama in which she portrayed the Queen during her young romance with Prince Albert (Rupert Friend). For her work in the film, Blunt received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama. Blunt went on to co-star with Amy Adams in “Sunshine Cleaning” (2009), a comedy about a struggling family who launch a crime scene clean-up company, and played the good-hearted object of desire of a werewolf (Benecio Del Toro) in “The Wolfman” (2010). Continuing along that same vein, she was the object of affection for a love-struck assassin (Bill Nighy) in the British comedy, “Wild Target” (2010). She rounded out that year with the big budget adaptation of “Gulliver’s Travels” (2010), which starred Jack Black in the role of Lemuel Gulliver.

  • 2001 Made stage debut in a production of The Royal Family directed by Peter Hall
  • 2003 Made her professional screen debut in the British television drama Boudica, about the life of the ancient British warrior-queen
  • 2004 Breakout role as Tamsin in the dark independent British film, My Summer of Love
  • 2005 Played a vestal virgin with psychic abilities in the ABC historical miniseries Rome
  • 2005 Starred opposite Susan Sarandon and Sam Neill in the Australian film Irresistible
  • 2006 Co-starred with Bill Nighy in Gideon s Daughter, the BBC television production written and directed by Stephen Poliakoff
  • 2006 Made Hollywood debut opposite Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway in the comedy The Devil Wears Prada ; received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
  • 2007 Acted in the Mike Nichols directed Charlie Wilson s War, opposite Tom Hanks
  • 2007 Cast in the feature adatation of The Jane Austen Book Club, as Prudie a 28-year-old French teacher
  • 2008 Played the publicist of an eccentric magician (John Malkovich) in The Great Buck Howard
  • 2009 Nominated for the 2009 Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama ( The Young Victoria )
  • 2009 Played Amy Adams slacker sister in the independent film, Sunshine Cleaning
  • 2009 Portrayed Queen Victoria during her marriage to Prince Albert in The Young Victoria ; earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress
  • 2010 Co-starred with Benicio del Toro in the remake of classic horror film, The Wolfman
  • 2010 Co-starred with Jack Black in a modern-day remake of Gulliver s Travels
  • 2011 Starred opposite Matt Damon in the science fiction thriller The Adjustment Bureau
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