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I just have to beat that guy on my wife’s bejeweled listed rank of friends in facebook.  He got 600,000 in bejeweled blitz 2’s one minute game.  I’m catching up fast and it’s just been a week.  Before searching the net for hints, I tried devising my own opinion and developed my own strategies to come up with a decent approach to the game.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Make Cascading Gems

Cascading gems exploding are what gets higher scores. Your goal is to make one match of three or more, and then hope that as the gems fall into place, more cascade matches are made without you having to move more gems. The more cascades you get, the higher the multiplier and the higher the score.

Wide Match (row match) is better than Column match (tall match)

You are more likely to get multiple cascades from a wide match than you are from a tall match. The wide matches will ‘shift’ three or four or five columns, whereas a tall match will only shift one column. When given the choice between a tall column match or a wide row match, unless there are other cascades you can see, you should always match ‘wide’ first, then tall.

Save your gems

Save exploding gems or hypercubes until later in the game for maximum point value. For Bejweled Blitz, exploding gems can be saved up during play until you have several of them to set off a cascade of explosions. For Bejeweled and BJ2, save the exploding gems until the higher, later levels, because multipliers increase the higher the level. In fact, I often wait until the screen is flashing saying the time is almost up, and then I’ll go through and explode all my exploding gems and hypercubes at the last minute.

When choosing which gem to swap a hypercube with, you should choose a gem color that has the most on the board, to maximize your points. The one exception to that is if you can see that removing a gem of another color might make a cascade, which would increase points.

Chase after multiplier gems quickly! They help!

A multiplier is a jewel with a number on it. It can be any of the usual colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, or white). The first one on the board will say 2 – eliminate it, and all your score points double to the end of the game. The next multiplier will say 3 (triple your score points), then 4 (quadruple!) and so on. The earlier and faster you set these off, the more points you can rack up and the higher your final score. Explosions, lightning, and hypercubes count for eliminating multipliers. In the example, moving the circled purple jewel downward will set off the star gem, which will take out the “x3” multiplier above it. Alternately, you can move the multiplier gem upward to match the whites, then the yellow gem below the star gem downward to match the purples.

You can also buy multiplier boosts with the coins you earn during each game. This makes sure there’s a multiplier on the board at the start of the game so you don’t have to wait for one to appear. Each purchase is good for three games.

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