download HBOGO ipa and watch hbogo netflix outside the usa

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If you are currently residing outside the USA and need to watch something on HBOGO, the new hot ipad iphone itouch iOS and android app, you will be disappointed because the app is available only in America.  Even though you were able to download it while in America, you won’t be able to run it outside of that country.  They track your IP Address and won’t even give you a link to download from.  Download HBGO IPA from this link and install it via installous.  You can learn how to SSH or transfer files from your PC or MAC into your iOS device like Ipad via installous from this link.  If you don’t already have installous yet, read this link on how to download and install installous.  For mac users, you can learn how to sSH and transfer files via cyberduck using a MAC from this link.

You Need to Be a Subscriber

After downloading and installing HBOGO outside the US, you will be meet with the message “An internet connection is needed to access the hob go app please try again”. The weird thing is that you are already online and connected. The reason for this is a bad choice of words from HBO. Instead, it should have read something like “The HBO Go app is not available outside the US”.

Unblock the HBO GO App Outside the US

So this trick will work with the iPad, iPhone or Android version of the app. See the reason that you can’t even log into the app is that you are outside the US and the HBO servers know this by looking at your IP address. In order to get around that we will use a VPN connection to get a US based IP. Don’t worry if you are not tech savvy. This is really easy.

See all you have to do is get a VPN connection from a good provider. You can use Strong VPN because the others have not lived up to expectations. You need good speeds for streaming video. VPNFREEDOM suggests getting the $10 “Lite Open or PPTP” package, as it is perfect for this setup. Don’t forget that with this method you can unblock Netflix, Hulu and all the other US only services too.

Once you have signed up you will receive your login instructions and details on how to set up the connection on your mobile device or computer. As mentioned before it is super easy and Strong VPN has 24/7 live service if you need a hand.

On the iPad and iPhone just go to Settings > General > Network and choose VPN. It is a piece of cake from then on.


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