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The Firm – I’m growing weary of this Tom Cruise film franchise.  It has only about 2 minutes of segment per episode that is related to the whole continuity of the conspiracy in lawyer Mitch MacDeere’s place of employment.  The rest turns out to be a boring litany of  court cases and struggle of hero Mitch on how to right some wrongs.  Drab

Gossip Girl – WTF? Hasn’t this been cancelled yet?  I hate Dan’s slurry turret syndrome repetitive speech.  It’s so so so, I mean, mean mean, fake, you know?  And all the characters turning on each other? Plotting, character assassinating each other, this leaves absolutely no moral values to be picked up from watching this show.  Unless you enjoy people screwing each other around, backstabbing each other, etc.

Terra Nova – Here’s a good show that doesn’t deserve to be cancelled, but was so recently.  Too bad, I bet the budget can’t justify the production costs.

Alcatraz – is turning out to be uninteresting real quick as I feel the scriptwriters are literally doing a carrot on the stick on the viewers, deliberately holding back details just to get you glued.

Grimm – is still okay for an entertaining storytelling sort of way.

Lost Girl – same with lost girl. Nice absurd fun.

Teen Wolf – I don’t care if this doesn’t get renewed. The lead character is very weak and annoying.

Secret Circle – speaking of Teen Wolf, the main wolf hunter there is now in Secret Circle, as the one of the main characters who play a witch hunter.  Secret Circle is nice if you’re into Charmed, witches, and the movie Craft.

The River – As soon as episode 1 hit, I hated it.  I hate motion cameras that want to give the audience the feeling of really being there.  Think of the camera motion of Blair witch project (not to mention cloverfield, battle los angeles), this type of shooting has been dubbed Shaky cam shooting, and it makes the audience nauseous!

TOUCH – Jack Bauer is back as someone else.  No, Keifer Sutherland is. And this series reminds me of mercury rising where the autistic child need care and can help in cases.  The jury is still out for me on this one.

Spartacus Vengeance – absent Andy Whitfield, this series still excites!

House of Lies – YES I LOVE THIS SHOW.  Based on a true story of HOW TO BE AN ASSHOLE book author Martin Kihn. We can’t all be real assholes in real life, so might as well have fun watching Don Cheadle be one.

Person of Interest – still entertains me as I enjoy watching saviors hit up bullies. Go!

Breaking in – is also a fun show by Christian Slater and the gang.  30 minutes of quick witted one upmanship here!

and best of all, APRIL 1 IS COMING.  WINTER IS COMING.  Game of Thrones returns with season 2!

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