can’t craft nightmarish staff of herding for diablo 3

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so you have all the ingredients for diablo 3’s secret cow whimsyshire level, but don’t know how to make the staff?

This can be crafted after obtaining the plans for it from Gorell the Quartermaster in Bastion’s Keep Stronghold. You must be in ActIV Nightmare and have Prime Evil quest to buy this! Merchant sells the plans for 1gold.

when you reach the blacksmith, have all the ingredients ready, select craft with him, then RIGHT CLICK your page of herding plan, to “teach” the blacksmith how to craft it.  Then scroll down under STAFF to see that the option to craft is now there, provided you have enough money.

Repeat steps for Nightmare, Hell, or Inferno.  Keep buying the plan from Gorell the Merchant in each level as you will need to craft a new staff to upgrade.  Remember, the higher the level, the more money needed!

How much does the staff of herding upgrade cost for each level?

normal staff of herding: 50,000 gold
nightmarish staff of herding: 200,000 gold
hellish staff of herding: 500,000 gold
inferno staff of herding: 1,000,000 gold

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