where to find the gibbering gemstone in act 3 cavern of frost in diablo 3?

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The staff of herding ingredient Gibbering Gemstone can be found in Act 3  Caverns of Frost Level 2

Getting the the Caverns of frost is Easy. It always spawns.  Finding and killing the monster there is more difficult.

Start a Normal game on Act 3 Quest 7 Part 1, and take the waypoint to The Bridge of Korsikk. Look around for the “Caverns of Frost Level 1” Enter the cave, go to the “Caverns of Frost Level 2” and kill Chiltara. Chiltara is a yellow elite monster and will not always be here, Chiltara will also only drop one item, and that item will be the Gibbering Gemstone.

If you find Icefall Caverns; Town portal – Leave game – Resume game; as Chiltara will only spawn in the Caverns of Frost.

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