Did Han really die in Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo drift? Well, yes, and Fast 6 proves it with the ending spoiler credits scene

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We all remember Tokyo Drift’s Japanese Fast and Furious racer Han dying in the end.

This is a movie that came close to just bringing back characters from the dead just for the franchise, but the ending spoiler scenes after Fast 6 saves that notion and explains the Chronology.

Apparently, the movies did not come out in chronological order…. 1, 2, 4, 5, then Fast and the Furious 6,  THEN 3 Tokyo Drift comes after, and then we have the up and coming Fast 7.

Racing with a death wish in his RX7 at Tokyo Drift Fast 3,  after his girl  Giselle’s body hurls in the air into the darkness (from a plane about to take off) while saving him from Fast 6, we saw that han’s car turned turtle, flipped over, and was hit by a Mercedes Benz.

Apparently, they tied this scene together to show the innocent looking Merc figuring in the accident in Fast 3 Tokyo Drift was not that innocent at all.  It was an intentional ramming by the driver Jason Statham, which sets the scene for Fast and the Furious 7!



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