Ilo-ilo: First Singaporean Film to win in 66th Cannes Film Festival

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A very heartwarming and touching story lies behind the making of “Ilo-ilo”,  the first Singaporean film to ever win the Camera D’Or Award in the Cannes Film Festival.  The movie was inspired by the director, Anthony Chen’s,  personal experience with his childhood maid, Teresa (Terry).  After winning the award, Chen went to the Philippines to be reunited with  his inspiration.   Terry, or Teresita Sajonia was found back in Iloilo, her hometown.  It was a shock to him when he found out that  Terry had been living in an old shack and had no income or financial savings whatsoever.  Her plight echoes the plight of similar OFWs who send all the hard earned income back to their relatives  in Philippines  and forget to set aside some for themselves.   Some of them even get “conned” to send money on the pretense of investing the funds in a business, a parcel of land or some investments.

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