what was the range rover of Piolo Pascual in the movie OTJ called?

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The Regular Joe NBI cop that Piolo Pascual plays in the movie OTJ or On The Job obviously can’t afford a range rover. Much less that smooth and sleek white crossover he was driving which was called the Range Rover or Land Rover Evoque, which costs about 5.5 million pesos.

But if the script could write it in that it was a gift from his government official father in law, it would be an excellent product placement, wouldn’t it?

range rover evoque

New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth Volume 6 The Return Of The Master TP, $19.99
Breath Of Bones A Tale Of The Golem #3 (Of 3), $3.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #24 (Georges Jeanty Variant Cover), $2.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #24 (Phil Noto Regular Cover), $2.99
Ex Sanguine TP, $17.99
Halo Initiation #1 (Of 3)(John Liberto Regular Cover), $3.99
Halo Initiation #1 (Of 3)(Terry Dodson Variant Cover), AR
Last Of Us American Dreams #1 (Of 4)(3rd Printing Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99
Last Of Us American Dreams #2 (Of 4)(2nd Printing Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99
Last Of Us American Dreams #3 (Of 4)(2nd Printing Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99
Mike Norton’s Battlepug Volume 2 This Savage Bone HC, $14.99
Resident Alien The Suicide Blonde #0, $3.99
Star Wars #8, $2.99
True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys #3 (Of 6)(Becky Cloonan Regular Cover), $3.99
True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys #3 (Of 6)(Gabriel Ba Variant Cover), AR
X #4, $2.99

Gilas Pilinas versus South Korea Fiba highlights

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This youtube video uploader guy rogerclemens has done it again with an impressive youtube highlight videos of smart gilas pilipinas versus south korea in last Saturday’s Fiba Basketball championships

watch Gilas win a historic game over South Korea in front of a wild homecourt crowd that became more intense as we neared the buzzer!

Gilas Pilipinas wins against South Korea, 86-79

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   the Philippines won against Korea in the semifinals of the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship, 86-79!

Tomorrow, the Gilas team plays Iran in the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship finals at the Mall of Asia Arena. With the win, the Philippines now have a spot in the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain.


did stan lee make a cameo appearance in The wolverine movie this 2013?

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Stan Lee

We all know stan lee loves to make a personal cameo appearance in most of the marvel movies, but I didn’t seem to see him in The Wolverine movie this 2013!

Well, he did not appear in the movie Wolverine, because Stan lee only appears in the film versions of characters he created alone – he was not the sole creator of Wolverine.

This is also the reason why he does not have a cameo in Ghost Rider, Elektra or The Punisher

Although he is credited as the Executive Producer, he says he didn’t have time to fly to Australia to film the cameo.

Did Han really die in Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo drift? Well, yes, and Fast 6 proves it with the ending spoiler credits scene

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We all remember Tokyo Drift’s Japanese Fast and Furious racer Han dying in the end.

This is a movie that came close to just bringing back characters from the dead just for the franchise, but the ending spoiler scenes after Fast 6 saves that notion and explains the Chronology.

Apparently, the movies did not come out in chronological order…. 1, 2, 4, 5, then Fast and the Furious 6,  THEN 3 Tokyo Drift comes after, and then we have the up and coming Fast 7.

Iron Man 3 March Latest Trailer

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Can’t wait! barely two months left until the April showing of Iron Man 3.  It features a new type of armor which bonds with his skin, the return of Don Cheadle as backup War Machine, some guy in Iron Patriot suit in defense of America, plus some other soldiers in Iron Man armor.

My only question is, the villain Mandarin should have been undoubtedly cast as Asian or Chinese.  So why is Ben Kingsley playing the Mandarin, with a lousy robotic accent?   The Mandarin, in comic lore,  is the son of one of pre-Revolutionary China’s wealthiest men and an English noblewoman, as well as a descendant of Ghengis Khan.

Anne Curtis Asap Tanga Outfit explained, no penalty

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Two weeks ago, Anne Curtis performed on stage for her birthday celebration, and we almost got a glimpse of her birthday suit.

At the variety program ASAP, Curtis took center stage with a number inspired by a performance of international pop star Rihanna singing the hit “Diamonds.”

Anne pointed in her instagram that the outfit includes a skin-colored “bodysuit” which is worn underneath the dress to have what she calls an “illusion na high slit.”

MTRCB said that their jurisdiction is principally over the program, not specific personalities as suggested by some reports.


Olympus has fallen movie trailer

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Gerard Butler Must Save President Eckhart, this is sparta, Training Day, and clear and present day rolled into one.

Ashley Judd stars as the First Lady that makes a brief appearance, and is shown in the trailer to have died!

Death of a superhero movie trailer

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There is no real superhero in our world, and in the movie Death of a Superhero.  It features a dying 15-year-old boy draws stories of an invincible superhero as he struggles with his mortality


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