Is there clash of clans for android and facebook pc?

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The number one top grossing hit game for iOS from supercell called Clash of Clans reportedly nets $750,000 to $1,000,000 u.s. dollars per day just from the sale of their green gems!

The game itself is free, but you will need green gems to upgrade quicker, and to buy the much needed builders.

So how do you get more green gems in clash of clans?  You can choose to mine and harvest the stones, trees for some gems, choose to play missions, but eventually, the pace of upgrade will be slow and you will need a lot of patience or instant gem via purchase in the app store.

NO NBA Live 13 this year! cancelled

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EA Sports has announced that NBA Live 13 will be cancelled this year because they did not make it in time for a quality release.  They’d rather not release a sloppy version, they say.

Meanwhile, 2K sports’ NBA 2k13 is making it to the top of the charts and will certainly have its sales skyrocket without its rival counterpart for sale this season.


I know of more fans who won’t miss NBA Live 13 because they have enjoyed the 2k series for a long time now.

How to get Wirt’s Bell for staff of herding ingredient in Diablo 3?

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Wirts Bell is the easiest to get, you can find it in Act 2 and buy it from Squirt the Peddler (Vendor)

Start a Normal game on Act 2 Quest 10 Part 1, and walk to the vendors near the healers, talk to Squirt the Peddler and buy the Wirts bell for 100,000 gold.

You  can’t Find Squirt the peddler in act 2? Where do you find Squirt the peddler?

Squirt the peddler is not in the town center proper where your chest is, you have to get to the Caldeum Bazaar area, the map where you entered the sewers, saved the citizens from the mermaid type of monsters

where to find the gibbering gemstone in act 3 cavern of frost in diablo 3?

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The staff of herding ingredient Gibbering Gemstone can be found in Act 3  Caverns of Frost Level 2

Getting the the Caverns of frost is Easy. It always spawns.  Finding and killing the monster there is more difficult.

Start a Normal game on Act 3 Quest 7 Part 1, and take the waypoint to The Bridge of Korsikk. Look around for the “Caverns of Frost Level 1″ Enter the cave, go to the “Caverns of Frost Level 2″ and kill Chiltara. Chiltara is a yellow elite monster and will not always be here, Chiltara will also only drop one item, and that item will be the Gibbering Gemstone.

can’t find Izual? Izual won’t spawn for the plans of herding for diablo 3?

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Plans: Staff of Herding can be found on Act 4 by defeating the sub boss Izual

Some people just teleport right in and can’t find Izual.  What you should do is hit BEGIN QUEST, so that he will spawn properly

Start a Normal game on Act 4 Quest 4 Part 1, Do the quest like normal. Once you reach Izual – Kill him and hope the Plans: Staff of Herding drop.

where to get the Liquid rainbow in dahlgur oasis for diablo 3?

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Liquid Rainbow secret random drop can be found in Act 2 – Dahlgur Oasis

How to get to Dalghur Oasis?

-Start a Normal game on Act 2 Quest 6 Part 2, and take the waypoint to The Path of the Oasis.

Follow the south east wall, check the 2 vendor-spawn locations. If he is there, save him from the attacking ghosts.
Note: he looks like santa claus.

always take the southern part nearest to the portal where there is a structure of a house. If he is not there, leave and respawn game.  It will take too much time to travel to all parts of the map just to check if he is there.

where to get Leoric’s shinbone in Diablo 3?

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Leorics Shinbone for the Whimsyshire staff of herding can be found in Act 1 – Leorics Manor

How to get to Act 1 Leoric’s Manor?

- Start a Normal game on Act 1 Quest 10 Part 1, and take the waypoint to Leorics Manor,

On your way to the entrance of Leorics Manor, you will see a side room with a fireplace. Click the logs in the fireplace and recieve Leorics Shinbone, if the logs are not clickable; Town portal – Leave game – Resume game.

where to get the black mushroom in diablo 3?

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The Black Mushroom can be found in Act 1 – Cathedral Level 1

Where is cathedral level in act 1?

- Start a Normal game on Act 1 Quest 10 Part 1, and take the waypoint to the Cathedral Garden. Go inside Leorics Passage, walk up the stairs to the Cathedral Level 1 and search for the Black Mushroom.

can’t craft nightmarish staff of herding for diablo 3

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so you have all the ingredients for diablo 3′s secret cow whimsyshire level, but don’t know how to make the staff?

This can be crafted after obtaining the plans for it from Gorell the Quartermaster in Bastion’s Keep Stronghold. You must be in ActIV Nightmare and have Prime Evil quest to buy this! Merchant sells the plans for 1gold.

when you reach the blacksmith, have all the ingredients ready, select craft with him, then RIGHT CLICK your page of herding plan, to “teach” the blacksmith how to craft it.  Then scroll down under STAFF to see that the option to craft is now there, provided you have enough money.

how to get diablo 3 big trouble in talking barrel achievement

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in act 2, don’t break the barrel and you will get this achievement.

just listen to the guy say these things.

relax and be patient. . .  .

You’ll come across the Talking Barrel in the Waterlogged Passage.

The things it can say are:

  • “Hello? Is anyone out there?”
  • “Am I talking to myself? Don’t answer that.”
  • “If you could just smash this barrel open, I would be much obliged.”
  • “What’s going on out there?”
  • “Are you dead? If you’re dead, just say so.”
  • “Are you still alive out there? Or is it the monsters?”

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