Is there clash of clans for android and facebook pc?

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The number one top grossing hit game for iOS from supercell called Clash of Clans reportedly nets $750,000 to $1,000,000 u.s. dollars per day just from the sale of their green gems!

The game itself is free, but you will need green gems to upgrade quicker, and to buy the much needed builders.

So how do you get more green gems in clash of clans?  You can choose to mine and harvest the stones, trees for some gems, choose to play missions, but eventually, the pace of upgrade will be slow and you will need a lot of patience or instant gem via purchase in the app store.

download HBOGO ipa and watch hbogo netflix outside the usa

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If you are currently residing outside the USA and need to watch something on HBOGO, the new hot ipad iphone itouch iOS and android app, you will be disappointed because the app is available only in America.  Even though you were able to download it while in America, you won’t be able to run it outside of that country.  They track your IP Address and won’t even give you a link to download from.  Download HBGO IPA from this link and install it via installous.  You can learn how to SSH or transfer files from your PC or MAC into your iOS device like Ipad via installous from this link.  If you don’t already have installous yet, read this link on how to download and install installous.  For mac users, you can learn how to sSH and transfer files via cyberduck using a MAC from this link.

angry birds halloween walkthrough guide easter golden egg

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Spooky-angrybirdsThere are two Golden Eggs in the Halloween version (there are actually three, but the one on the White Bird help menu seems to have been left in by mistake).

#1 – Go to Level 3-2 and break the floating pumpkin with the Boomerang Bird. If you need more help checkout the video walkthrough above by scarbzscope. As a bonus, it also includes a walkthrough on how to unlock the star.

#2 – The second egg is achieved by getting 3-stars on all the levels. The video below is a walkthrough for how to unlock the star on this Golden Egg level.

Angry Birds Iphone App Walkthrough and Egg locations

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  1. Angry Birds LogoYou get an egg for completing all first group of levels with 3 stars.
  2. You also get an egg for completing all second set, 4 & 5 (big hoax) with 3 stars.
  3. Let the credits scroll to the end, you get an egg.
  4. Click the ‘i’ icon in any level then the question mark, for help. Click through help to White bird advice for an egg.
  5. Level 2:2, burst the beachball.
  6. Level 4:7 on the far right, zoom out to see an egg. You’ll have to use your only yellow on this level to get it.