tv shows that are renewed for next season 2011 2012

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These shows have already been officially renewed by their respective networks.

Starz’s Camelot TV Series resembles BBC’s Merlin

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Starz Entertainment (the producer of the super hit Spartacus), and GK Films has released the 10-episode series Camelot last Sunday. They describe Camelot as a modern telling of the Arthur legends that is relatable to contemporary audiences.

True to Starz form, Camelot starts the season with a fair amount of humping and skin exposure as with spartacus gods of the arena and blood and sand.

Coming from the recent season 3 ending of British BBC’s Merlin, one would think this was some sort of continuation, because Starz’ Camelot kind of resumes where BBC’s Merlin left off.¬† King Uther Pendragon dying and about to be overrun by thugs with the help of estranged daughter Morgana.