Part 3: Latest Game of Thrones season 2 complete Cast August 2011

August 14, 2011 by  
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As of August 14, 2011, Here are the latest addition to the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 2:

Oona Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin’s grand daughter  joins Game of Thrones next year as a character named Jeyne.  It is yet unknown as to which Jeyne Oona will play, as there were a number of Jeyne’s in George RR. Martin’s book.  Born in 1986, Chaplin has appeared in Daniel Craig’s “Quantum of Solace” in 2008 as Perla de las Dunas, a receptionist.


Robert Pugh

Robert Pugh is also a new addition to the cast, playing Craster, the tenuous ally to the Night’s Watch.