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Emily Blunt PictureName: Emily Blunt
Full name: Emily Olivia L. Blunt
Sex: Female
Height: 5′ 8″ / 172cm
Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 23/02/1983
Place of Birth: London, England
Profession: Actress

  • Brother: Sebastian Blunt. Younger
  • Father: Oliver Blunt.
  • Grandfather: Peter Blunt.
  • Mother: Joanna Blunt. Teaches English as a foreign language
  • Sister: Felicity Blunt.
  • Sister: Susannah Blunt. Younger
  • Uncle: Crispin Blunt.

Significant Others
  • Companion: Michael Buble.
  • Husband: John Krasinski. Began dating in November 2008; announced engagement in August 2009; married July 10, 2010 in Lake Como, Italy

download newest latest cartown template 2

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as promised, part 2 of our template download collection

templates from boonage

First attempt on creating the skin template for Car Town car, it’s a template for 2010 Honda Accord. The objective was to make it fierce but yet cool car, therefore added a black swoosh from the headlight until the back of the car, with a fading black stripes on each the door’s bottom. Back of the car i decided to put it black. Then with a chinese character font infront as a finishing. The chinese font means “good” in a way, with the same pronounciation as “fuck” in cantonese.