#Remembercoryaquino on ABS-CBNnews’ Facebook account goes viral

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Last July 31, 2013, ABSCBNnews.com Facebook page posted the question:

“Cory Aquino. Democracy icon. How do you ‪#‎RememberCoryAquino‬ ?”

A lot of haters posted their comments blaming the ex-president for the misery of the Philippines.  As of today, August 6, there were 1, 219 comments.  Its hard to read through all the comments but the majority of sentiments lean towards negative.  Personally, these comments just mirror the crab mentality we Filipinos have and this is the reason why as a nation we cannot prosper.  It is not the fault of one leader just as it is not the glory of one leader alone that will build or destroy a nation.  It is the collective effort of us citizens that will bring us a better Philippines.

Is there clash of clans for android and facebook pc?

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The number one top grossing hit game for iOS from supercell called Clash of Clans reportedly nets $750,000 to $1,000,000 u.s. dollars per day just from the sale of their green gems!

The game itself is free, but you will need green gems to upgrade quicker, and to buy the much needed builders.

So how do you get more green gems in clash of clans?  You can choose to mine and harvest the stones, trees for some gems, choose to play missions, but eventually, the pace of upgrade will be slow and you will need a lot of patience or instant gem via purchase in the app store.

Latest Tetris Battle Arena Password for February

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They’re always changing Tetris Battle Arena passwords to the them of the current season.

Last time, the password was DRAGON, because of the chinese new year.

For this month, they changed it to HEART, for the valentine’s theme.

I wonder why they need to keep on changing it if they will reveal the secret password to everyone else as well?

Tetris Battle Password

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A Tetris Battle password is used to get into the Tetris Battle Arena

The current password right now is Dragon.

You can tune in to the latest passwords in these sites:



Who is this Anders Behring Breivik crazy guy murderer?

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Norway Anders Behring Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik, why did you go blow up a bomb in the city, then go to a

peaceful retreat island in Norway and shoot over 90 innocent civilians?  Breivik claimed he was anti Muslim proliferation, but it was indiscriminate shooting that he perpetrated in the senseless July

In this video, bodies were strewn along the coastline, apparently shot while fleeing Utøya Island

The 32 year old  has said that although his actions were “gruesome” they were “necessary”. His lawyer even offered to say that Breivik plans to explain his actions to the court when he has a hearing on Monday.

how to get a high score and hints on bejeweled blitz

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I just have to beat that guy on my wife’s bejeweled listed rank of friends in facebook.  He got 600,000 in bejeweled blitz 2′s one minute game.  I’m catching up fast and it’s just been a week.  Before searching the net for hints, I tried devising my own opinion and developed my own strategies to come up with a decent approach to the game.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Make Cascading Gems

Top Best Facebook games of 2011

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Inside Social Games has released the top 25 Facebook games for January and Zynga’s CityVille has gone straight to the top of the charts, overtaking FarmVille, which until recently, seemed darn near impossible. The real question is how long CityVille will stay at the top or if this number is inflated due to extra promotion and the ‘new’ness of it all.

Other newcomers to January’s Top 25 list include PopCap’s Zuma Blitz, which is a timed version of the classic PC game,and CrowdStar’s uber girly game, It Girl, which grew 1.2 million last month.

top 25 facebook games 2011

Farmville model of success

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Before Cityville, there was Farmville. It was only released in July and in August of 2009, over 33 million people played it. What’s the secret of its success?

Maybe it’s just because it’s summer, but we seem to have got farming on our brains. Look at the top 25 games on Facebook in August.

That’s four farming games in the top 25, with Farmville at #1 and Farmtown at #3. Farmville is only two months old, but it had 33 million unique players in August.

Yes, you read that right. 33 million players.

Tips on How to Play IT girl on Facebook

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Are you a shopping addict? a die-hard fashionista? There’s a perfect game for you now on Facebook.  It is called the It Girl.  Basically, you have to shop for clothes and then dress up to compete with other girls’ getups.  The “showdowns” depend on your hotness level, clique size and other factors.   I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now and its quite addicting.

Some tips:

Buy the higher point items and check if the item is common, rare or unique.

Castle Age Facebook game hints cheat walkthrough

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About Castle Age (from the developer: Castle Age)
Raise an army of Knights, Elves, and mythical creatures to conquer the continent in Castle Age. Explore a land of Fantasy. Beautiful Graphics!

More info can be found on the official Castle Age Facebook Application page.

Here are the direct links to use to access the Epic Quests that gives Arielle and her armor set:

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