Download of Maricar Reyes part 3 out, is there a part 4?

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We told you that the alleged KC Hayden scandal video was “to see is to beleive”.

Now, fleshasiadaily has released the download link to what they say are Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho doing their thing, what should a pretty and innocent looking girl do now?

She doesn’t deserve this gradual release being done by some conniving person.  Why weren’t all the videos released in one shot?  Why are they released one by one so that the issue won’t die down?  Does this mean there’s more to come?  Well she certainly deserves our pity, as she’s not like that other slutty actress who got videotaped having sex anyway.

KC concepcion and Hayden kho scandal

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a lot of websites are reporting that Hayden had been able to video-tape her secretly using his mobile phone camera while dressing up in an undisclosed locations?

Other versions say it’s another sex video and not just a dress up video.

The video is said to be spreading in mobile phones but it’s not yet confirmed though if the woman dressing up on the video was indeed the mega-daughter herself.

Until now, no one has actually seen such video and may just be a rumor, or a look alike.

Edison Chen Cnn and mediacorp 2009 Interview

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Before the Philippines’ Hayden Kho was Hong Kong’s Edison Chen.  He has been at the center of Asia’s biggest sex scandal, but now actor Edison Chen has broken his silence on the public episode that has ended careers and caused him to face at least one reported death threat.

Edison Chen Bio Profile

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Edison Chen

Edison Koon-Hei Chen is a Hong Kong-based Canadian Chinese film actor, rapper, Cantopop singer, model, record producer, fashion designer, and a pop icon. Chen is also the founder of CLOT Inc., and the CEO of Clot Media Division Limited. His native language is English, and he speaks some Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese, which allows him to be a part of multiple entertainment industries around the world. On 21 February 2008 he publicly announced that he intended to step away indefinitely from the Hong Kong entertainment industry due to a sex photo scandal in 2008, devoting his time instead to public causes.

Katrina Halili Hayden Kho Sex scandal dance parody

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Okay, what happened to the Hayden Kho sex scandal was a tragedy to all the women involved.  But now, a lighter look that will make you smile.  Move away Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili, here come your replacements

Be prepared to laugh your ass off! But for this to work, a flashback to the original must first be viewed:


Video 1 is real funny.  They even try to remain true to the audio


Video 2 obviously men trying to act gay.


Download Hayden Kho Vicky Belo sex video? Why would you?

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A lot of hits are coming here searching for the vicky belo hayden kho sex video. First of all, we may feature such stories, but never contain links to actual download sites. Secondly, why would you want to see sex between a young doctor hunk with an elderly 50+ year old retouched woman?

And why so quick owning up to a sex video that was not as widely spread yet as the maricar and katrina videos?

Popular cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vicky Belo on Friday admitted that she also made a sex video with her former beau, Dr. Hayden Kho.

Hayden Kho apologizes, suspends self as a doctor

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“I feel deep remorse,” Kho told a press conference aired live on television Friday.

“I know it’s too much to ask for forgiveness right now, pero sana someday people will learn to condemn the sin and not the sinner,” he added.

WTF do you mean? Hindi mo kasalanan? Nalibugan ka lang? What about the hidden cams man?

He said such were uploaded and reproduced without his knowledge and consent.

“The filming of an intimate, strictly personal, and private act is most unfortunate and truly regrettable, and I sincerely apologize for the harm it has done to other parties. I must emphasize that there was no malice on my part, or intention to hurt anyone with these recordings,” he explained.

Ruffa Mae and Hayden Kho sex scandal no downloads out

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After the release of the alleged Katrina Halili video scandal on the web, looks like Hayden Kho has still a remaining collection of video scandals in his laptop.

Three video surfaced recently, a 40 minutes intimate video of Katrina and Hayden, a 17 minutes version of alleged hayden and alleged maricar reyes video scandal, and a video of alleged hayden kho with a brazilian model whose name until now remains unknown.

Another famous actress video is possible to surface in the following days, which is the video of Hayden Kho and Rufa Mae Quinto in an intimate moment. Manay Lolit has already watched the said video and she describes it as “woman doing on top”.

Maricar Reyes Bio Profile

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Maricar Reyes, star magic’s newest talent is recently being compared to Heart Evangelista and Mikee DCojuangco in some physical aspects. Before venturing into this new field, Maricar did lots of TV commercial projects and even modeling.  She modeled for Pond’s Facial Wash, Modess commercials.

Maricar was discovered by Mr. Johnny Manahan in a TV ad she did for a fast food company. A model by profession, Reyes finally found her way to enter showbiz through ABS-CBN’s hit television series “I Love Betty La Fea” with actor John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

Hayden Kho Bio Profile

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Basic Info
Name: Hayden Kho, Jr.
Nickname: Doc Hayden
Birthday: May 20, 1980
Showbiz Anniversary: July 1, 2007

Dr. Hayden de la Santa Kho, a Filipino doctor who graduated from the University of Sto. Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. He passed his licensure examination last February 2007.   He used to practice his profession at the Belo Medical Group but was promoted to a Marketing Directory position later on.

Standing 6?2?, this guy started as a ramp and print model while in college before he started his showbiz career.  As of the moment, he is considered as on of the Philippines’ hottest and most-talked male celebrity, not to mention his controversial affair with Dra. Vicki Belo.

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