Top Best Facebook games of 2011

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Inside Social Games has released the top 25 Facebook games for January and Zynga’s CityVille has gone straight to the top of the charts, overtaking FarmVille, which until recently, seemed darn near impossible. The real question is how long CityVille will stay at the top or if this number is inflated due to extra promotion and the ‘new’ness of it all.

Mafia wars bangkok, what shall i choose, Yakuza or Triad?

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Filed under games wrote an interesting article to help us decide which faction to take in the new country launch of mafia wars: bangkok, yakuza or triad?

What are the best weapons vehicles armor in mafia wars and where to find them

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Loot Items bring Strength:

There are many loot items that have great strengths in attack and defense.  Where to find these loot items and to target them, helps you raise your strength numbers. Knowing what your strength numbers are and what will raise these numbers is the first step towards gaining strength in Mafia Wars. Ever wondered how to tell what your strength numbers in defense and attack are?

Secrets of successful social games from the best of facebook, myspace

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Consoles like Wii, XBOX, PS3 have their own share of competition in gamers’ playtime.  These are the free games in the social networking sites Facebook and Myspace.  Mostly programmed and released by Zynga and Playfish, these games are free to the social networking user, and the developers usually earn by a share in real estate ad space.

Mafia Wars cheat tips tricks guide

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When you first start Mafia Wars you have the option of fearless, maniac, and mogul.  You can only choose one and you can’t change it after.  Moguls get more wealth, Maniacs get more energy, Fearless get more health