exciting new tv shows for mid season 2012

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The Firm – I’m growing weary of this Tom Cruise film franchise.  It has only about 2 minutes of segment per episode that is related to the whole continuity of the conspiracy in lawyer Mitch MacDeere’s place of employment.  The rest turns out to be a boring litany of  court cases and struggle of hero Mitch on how to right some wrongs.  Drab

Gossip Girl – WTF? Hasn’t this been cancelled yet?  I hate Dan’s slurry turret syndrome repetitive speech.  It’s so so so, I mean, mean mean, fake, you know?  And all the characters turning on each other? Plotting, character assassinating each other, this leaves absolutely no moral values to be picked up from watching this show.  Unless you enjoy people screwing each other around, backstabbing each other, etc.