real Captain America Movie post credits ending spoiler avengers assemble

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In the comic book actual Captain america storyline, Cap is a 1940s world war 2 hero, so how did he get to our time and join the Avengers? During a battle in the 1940s, he fell down to the river and was iced over, supposedly placed unwillingly in suspended animation.  Nick Fury and the Shield of our time searched for him, cut out the ice, and thawed him out, just in time to form the Avengers!

Fantastic Four’s Human Torch Chris Evans now plays Captain America

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Fantastic Four’s Human Torch Chris Evans now plays Captain America, won’t this create some sort of confusion in the Marvel world?  Captain America’s superherodom was born from world war 2, he was later frozen in ice, and revived by Iron Man and Nick Fury and Shield to form Avengers just in time to deal with a rampaging hulk.

Thor post credits secret ending spoiler easter egg

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Did you miss the secret segment after the credits in the movie Thor?  Well, we and a lot of other movie goers were used to this special easter egg by Marvel and waited for this secret shot:

Leaked Iron Man 2 footage contains spoilers

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Youtube has taken out the leaked Iron Man 2 spoilers from their database but some sites still feature it like this one.