real Captain America Movie post credits ending spoiler avengers assemble

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In the comic book actual Captain america storyline, Cap is a 1940s world war 2 hero, so how did he get to our time and join the Avengers? During a battle in the 1940s, he fell down to the river and was iced over, supposedly placed unwillingly in suspended animation.  Nick Fury and the Shield of our time searched for him, cut out the ice, and thawed him out, just in time to form the Avengers!

Green lantern movie post credits ending spoiler cut scene

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You thought only Thor and Iron Man had their post credit ending spoiler cut scene extras?  Well, Hal Jordan also has his own spoilers in the DC  Movie Green Lantern, and it was so cool seeing Sinestro don the yellow ring.  The good thing about it is we didn’t have to wait too long for the whole credits to end before the spoilers came.  It was right after a few seconds after the last scene.

Thor post credits secret ending spoiler easter egg

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Did you miss the secret segment after the credits in the movie Thor?  Well, we and a lot of other movie goers were used to this special easter egg by Marvel and waited for this secret shot:

Iron Man 2 post credits secret ending easter egg

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Iron Man 2 the movie’s post credits secret ending actually leads up to Thor, showing his hammer Mjolnir, check it out!

Fast Five post credits ending spoiler easter egg

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Aha, you thought only thor and other marvel movies had it, but the successful Fast and the Furious Fast Five movie (also starring the rock) has its own secret sequence after the credits are shown!