Tips on How to Play IT girl on Facebook

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Are you a shopping addict? a die-hard fashionista? There’s a perfect game for you now on Facebook.  It is called the It Girl.  Basically, you have to shop for clothes and then dress up to compete with other girls’ getups.  The “showdowns” depend on your hotness level, clique size and other factors.   I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now and its quite addicting.

Some tips:

Buy the higher point items and check if the item is common, rare or unique.

50 days Before Christmas! Top Five Shopping Tips

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Top Five Christmas Shopping Tips

1. Take advantage of 0% installment or deferred payment plans.  For most malls or department stores, a single receipt of 3,000 would qualify for a 6 months installment payment at 0% interest.  Quite a bargain considering the cash outlays we have to allocate for food, parties, vacation expenses.

2. Go to bargain centers like  Divisoria Mall, 168, Meisic, etc.  If you are buying in bulk, these are the places to be.  An item selling for P300 can go down to P100 if you are patient enough to do the haggling and canvassing.  Prices quoted by the stalls vary too much so its best to get estimates from the different stalls.

Cartown what level what car what expansion when add extra worker

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Plants vs. Zombies Walkthrough endless survival guide strategy tips

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Endless Survival Guide – Hints, tricks, setups & more

This little guide was made in order to organize all the information about the endless survival and to help everyone with it. More information will be added later on. Feel free to contribute with anything you think that may help others and have fun!

1- Setups

1.1 Basic Setup
1.2 Variations

1.2.1 Iamsooty’s Setup
1.2.2 Sven’s Setup
1.2.3 Proz’s Setup
1.2.4 Taikanatur’s Setup

2- Questions & Answers

1- Setups

What are the best weapons vehicles armor in mafia wars and where to find them

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Loot Items bring Strength:

There are many loot items that have great strengths in attack and defense.  Where to find these loot items and to target them, helps you raise your strength numbers. Knowing what your strength numbers are and what will raise these numbers is the first step towards gaining strength in Mafia Wars. Ever wondered how to tell what your strength numbers in defense and attack are?

These are my strength numbers today:

Mafia Wars cheat tips tricks guide

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When you first start Mafia Wars you have the option of fearless, maniac, and mogul.  You can only choose one and you can’t change it after.  Moguls get more wealth, Maniacs get more energy, Fearless get more health

Greedy people like me think choosing Mogul matters.  After many levels, like 40, having too much money won’t matter in this game!  It made me regret not choosing Maniac.  So you newbie, choose Maniac!  Too bad you can’t change your option afterwards.