Iron Man 3 March Latest Trailer

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Can’t wait! barely two months left until the April showing of Iron Man 3.  It features a new type of armor which bonds with his skin, the return of Don Cheadle as backup War Machine, some guy in Iron Patriot suit in defense of America, plus some other soldiers in Iron Man armor.

My only question is, the villain Mandarin should have been undoubtedly cast as Asian or Chinese.  So why is Ben Kingsley playing the Mandarin, with a lousy robotic accent?   The Mandarin, in comic lore,  is the son of one of pre-Revolutionary China’s wealthiest men and an English noblewoman, as well as a descendant of Ghengis Khan.

Leaked Iron Man 2 footage contains spoilers

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Youtube has taken out the leaked Iron Man 2 spoilers from their database but some sites still feature it like this one.

– The footage opens in the giant donut and a conversation between Tony Stark and Nick Fury – Stark doesn’t want to join the team.
– It then cuts to a courtroom scene that sees the government attempting to strip Stark of his Iron Man suit
– Rhodey enters to testify against Stark.
– Whiplash is out to get Tony as revenge for the Stark families’ atrocities, explained by a voiceover whilst Rourke constructs a suit of his own.
– There’s a quick shot of Black Widow in action and then Whiplash flicking his two great electro-whips.
– Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) is now seen, talking about Iron Man suit modifications “firepower” – retrofitting guns and armor. Rhodey says he’ll take it.