Miley Cyrus new video Wrecking Ball breaks Youtube Vevo record

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Miley’s on the news again!  Her new single “Wrecking Ball” breaks Vevo’s 24 hour record with 19.3 million hits.  As expected, her new video has created quite a buzz.  It shows her naked on a wrecking ball and seductively licking a sledgehammer.  The video is creating more buzz than the song itself.

Youtube video: Sex tape of Wally Bayola and EB babe goes viral

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Another sex video is rumored to be circulating online and this time its between Wally Bayola and EB Babe dancer Yosh.  Both parties have yet to comment on the said video.

Gilas Pilinas versus South Korea Fiba highlights

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This youtube video uploader guy rogerclemens has done it again with an impressive youtube highlight videos of smart gilas pilipinas versus south korea in last Saturday’s Fiba Basketball championships

Chito Miranda defends girlfriend Neri Naig over sex video scandal issue

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Chito Miranda took to Facebook to defend his girlfriend Neri Naig against unfair accusations about her character after the recent sex video scandal. He wrote about the good deeds his girlfriend does that are unknown to the public and that are done without any hope of getting public acclaim or publicity for it. He went on to say how much he really love her and he finally thanked their family and fans for supporting them through this hardship they are going through.

Chito Miranda sex video scandal was leaked through stolen hard drive

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Chito Miranda and girlfriend Neri Naig were recently targetted by malicious people who uploaded their private videos on the net. Accdg to an interview, Chito claimed that their place was broken into recently and the hard drive where the video was kept was among the items stolen from them. He thanked his fans and apologized to his family and friends in latest tweet. You can follow him @chitomirandajr

SM Olongapo Elevator Lady receives commendation from SM

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This video went viral just the other day.  It showed a young lady employed as an elevator lady in SM Olongapo.  The video showed the dedication of the Ms. Cheridel Alejandrino in fulfilling her job not as an elevator lady who pushes the buttons but assists in providing directory information regarding the mall.   Watch the video and be amazed by her positive vibes amidst a tiring job where she has to stand all day cramped in the smallest of workspace.

Mo Twister’s final words on the Rhian Ramos abortion issue

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In not so many words, Mo Twister denied having any knowledge of being responsible for releasing the video talking about the Rhian Ramos abortion.  He said that some months ago, he met with Rhian, her lawyers and family members, and they deleted the videos and files from his laptop while in that conference.  He goes on to explain that he begged them to preserve them but they deleted them all anyway.

Christopher Lao (sinugod ang baha) YouTube video overshadows Senator Zubiri’s resignation

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Going viral is a certain news clip from Gma 7 that showed a car braving a flooded street, only to realize that the flood level is quite deep. He was interviewed by Gma7 and this video has gone viral. Even has its own facebook page with 27,000 likes as of now.

real Captain America Movie post credits ending spoiler avengers assemble

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In the comic book actual Captain america storyline, Cap is a 1940s world war 2 hero, so how did he get to our time and join the Avengers? During a battle in the 1940s, he fell down to the river and was iced over, supposedly placed unwillingly in suspended animation.  Nick Fury and the Shield of our time searched for him, cut out the ice, and thawed him out, just in time to form the Avengers!

weird al yankovic new video parody of lady gaga born this way called perform this way

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weird al yankovic has done it again with his new video parody interpretation of lady gaga’s born this way called perform this way.  It currently has over two million views in youtube!

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